Why Choose Life Marketing?

Our pro-life marketing partner helps pregnancy medical centers connect with women in need. Together, we are building a culture of life.

Vision for Life is a partner with Choose Life Marketing (CLM), a nationally recognized Pregnancy Medical Center advertising agency. VFL partners with them because:

  • CLM provides advertising for over 600 pregnancy medical centers in all 50 states.
  • CLM is a full-service pro-life marketing organization.
  • CLM are experts at reaching women considering abortion at the earliest possible moment. 
  • CLM gets results and provides regular metrics to track the effectiveness of the advertising.
  • CLM does ongoing research to ensure they are providing advertising that is meeting the challenges of the ever-changing electronic advertising environment.
  • CLM has a proven track record of success.

The Importance of Pro-Life Marketing Services

Pro-life marketing services are needed now more than ever. Pregnancy medical centers and other pro-life organizations rely on us to help them extend their reach, support women, and save babies.

As the leading pro-life marketing agency, Choose Life Marketing’s experts help pregnancy centers reach more women facing unplanned pregnancies and save more lives with integrity, passion, and hope.

Choose Life Marketing uses data from all 50 states and devises the best strategies for rural, urban, and suburban pregnancy centers. They also track legislative updates to ensure they’re providing timely, accurate information. What’s more, their diversified approach guarantees they use the proper metrics and tools to create effective marketing for their clients.

Choose Life Marketing’s numbers support these goals:

  • CLM’s national average conversion rate is 13-14%, about four times the industry average.
  • In the past year, their paid search campaigns drove around 185,823 conversions (women who filled out a contact form or called a pregnancy medical center).

Choose Life Marketing sets the industry standard to reach more women with truth—and the messages they need to access much-needed services at pregnancy centers. They’re committed to finding solutions for their clients and extending their reach, wherever that may be.

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